Girls, Sofia: How to Find Escort Girls in Sofia, Bulgaria


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The best option to find escort girls in Bulgaria is, of course, to search online. You’ll find several international websites where Bulgarian girls have profiles in English, as well as some sites in Bulgarian. I’d suggest going for the international websites, as the Bulgarian escorts there are more likely to speak English.

You can filter by city as well as other criteria but the most important thing is to look for independent escorts, if you want to get exactly what you ordered. The escort profile usually mentions the word “independent” somewhere, and if not, you can always google the phone number to check if it appears on just this one profile or many.

The majority of girls are based in Sofia, where there’s more business, and naturally, higher-quality girls can be found there. Unfortunately most girls don’t travel, so if you happen to be in a city other than Sofia, you’d have a harder time finding a high-quality escort.

Also keep in mind that most girls do outcalls only which means you’d have to invite her to your hotel room or apartment or specially book one for the appointment.

Speaking of quality, Bulgaria isn’t the best place to meet exceptionally beautiful escort girls, although it is possible. If you happen to talk to a Bulgarian guy, he’ll most likely tell you very proudly that Bulgarian girls are beautiful, but that’s not really true. The majority might not have weight problems as is the case with women in Western European countries but Bulgarians usually fall behind on height and facial features.

That is not to say that there aren’t any stunning-looking girls in Bulgaria, especially in Sofia, just that they are harder to find. However, what most Bulgarian women lack in natural beauty, they make up for in taking good care of themselves, hair, make up, nails, as well as having a softer, very feminine personality.

If you’ve decided to meet a Bulgarian girl, you can also find escorts offline by asking taxi drivers or restaurant waiters but that’s risky as they can only suggest questionable establishments with low-quality girls (and the possibility of being robbed) unless you’re looking for cheaper options.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 

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Escort, Sofia: Why I Started Working as an Escort

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I never planned to work as an escort. I was strong-willed and very independent as a child. I was a straight A student. I went on to graduate from a top university in Sofia, Bulgaria. I dreamed of becoming wildly successful, when I didn’t even know what being successful actually meant.

I never wanted to work for other people, but I failed at my first attempts at having my own business, so I had to finally start looking for a job. I did a lot of job-hopping (although I didn’t want to), always ending up at mediocre jobs with meager wages and no opportunities for growth.

I always felt out-of-place, never liked neither the industry nor my job responsibilities, nor any of my bosses.

And the feelings were mutual, my bosses were rarely fond of me, too. I wasn’t a yes-woman. I used my mind to actually think, and apparently that was a no-no at their company. Most of the time, they would eventually either fire me or force me to leave.

I was miserable whenever I had a job, but I felt even more so when I had to go to job interviews. When the economy is bad, and there are far more candidates than open positions, the chances that you’re going to be hired are very slim.

I started to feel sick and tired of being told ‘no’. And, most of the time, I would have to hear it from people who were far less educated than me. I was never enough, not right for the position, not enough experience, not the right experience, overqualified, not the right qualifications…

I got to a point where nothing seemed to work. I was so frustrated, that suddenly the thought of sleeping with complete strangers for money looked more appealing to me than what I had known until then. If people (including my own family) had pretended my whole life to not see my intellectual capabilities, they were always eager to point out my physical attractiveness.

I had no choice but to start using to my advantage the only thing that people apparently assigned high value to. I probably should have gotten a clue years ago when I was fired from my very first job, because I refused to sleep with my boss.

And so I went online, did some research, wrote my escort ad and profile, and have been working as an independent escort in Sofia for the past few years. While I’m not trying to glorify this in any way, I have to admit that, ironically, for the first time, I felt accepted and respected for everything that I am, not just my looks. Not to mention that, for the first time, I was also being paid what I actually deserved.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 




Escorts, Sofia: Dos and Don’ts When Contacting an Escort /Part 2/



Please do understand that an escort is not your servant no matter how much you’d like it to be that way. Yes, we need you as a client, but we know very well that you need our company (sex) even more than we want your money. So naturally, we’re going to use that to our advantage.

If you want to have a pleasant experience with your escort, better learn to play by some rules.

Be respectful 

Please don’t use vulgar language as I may work as an escort, but I also have a university degree, and this isn’t exactly my dream job and what I expected my life to turn out to be like. This is just work, and not who I am. Disrespectful attitude and language are only going to result in getting no response from me at all.

Make me feel safe

I’m very cautious when meeting with customers, and I want to know a little bit more about them when they first contact me. You don’t have to tell me your life story for sure, but things like age, nationality and occupation give me an idea of what to expect. Just the fact that you’re open to sharing some personal information puts me at ease.

Don’t bargain

My prices are what they are for very good reasons, and they’re non-negotiable. If you don’t want to spend that amount, just don’t call me. There’s plenty of other girls out there. Did you bargain with the receptionist when you checked in at the hotel?

I’m going to feel offended. You apparently liked my profile (since it made you contact me), but you still think you shouldn’t have to pay the full price. It just makes me wonder whether you’re trying to get an elite escort for less money or you think you’re still too good for me, and I should be paying you instead.

While speaking of price, it’s also interesting how some clients think they should only be paying for sex and not for my company. They make ridiculous requests to join them for dinner or drinks first, but only pay for the time between the sheets later. I don’t want to even begin to explain what’s wrong with that. Just don’t do it. It’s wrong.

Don’t ask dumb questions 

I don’t understand it when some clients ask me the same questions that I’ve already answered on my profile and ad. Did they just look at my picture, without reading the text, and impulsively decided to call (hard to believe)? Or they made a list with only the names and numbers of potential interests, and started doing phone interviews later? Either way, that’s not professional, and is simply going to put me off.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 




Escorts, Sofia: Fake Escort Pictures and Profiles in Bulgaria


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You may have heard of the many fake escort pictures and profiles in Bulgaria.

This is a culture that was heavily influenced by the Orient after all, and things haven’t changed much since the times of the Ottoman Empire.

Bulgarians don’t have particularly high morals. For some strange reason, they think they can get away with any nastiness.

Escort services is no different. If you want to avoid being taken for a ride, I suggest you contact the ones who work as independent escorts rather than the agencies.

An independent escort regards this job as something temporary, to make an income until she figures out a better way to support herself. She is unlikely to go out of her way to promote her services besides the bare minimum. As for agencies, they treat this as a business, and in war and business all is fair, including fake pictures.

Unfortunately, the fake pictures that the agencies put online still work well enough, because the trend isn’t fading away. You should probably first ”thank” the many clients who continue to settle for whatever shows at their door, because otherwise things would change.

I can imagine why many men would want to click on the hottest of pictures, but they’re hot for a good reason. For the most part they’re stolen pictures from around the web of erotic models or porn actresses.

They need to understand that the motivation behind doing this type of job isn’t a girl’s good looks or that she enjoys sex very much. In fact, most call girls are neither great beauties nor are they nymphomaniacs.

They are just normal women with the ONLY motive of money. They need it now, and can’t find another way of getting it at the moment. That’s it.

Anywhere in the world there are all kinds of escorts, including mature, curvy, short, plain. Really gorgeous ones are rare. So why would anyone browsing through Bulgarian escort profiles expect that all the hot girls would work as escorts and all would happen to be in the same city?

Moreover, very few escorts in Bulgaria would have their pictures taken by a professional photographer, simply because it costs more and it’s a hassle.

So, what to do then?

Avoid profiles with professional photos

Nobody here in Bulgaria would spend money on anything that they can do themselves. We’ve learned to be frugal in this corner of Europe. Hello, selfies!

Don’t be fooled by pictures where you can see the face

Bulgaria is a very small country, and on top of this, people are very mean and like to gossip a lot. The chances of being found out are quite high. No girl in her right mind wants her family and friends to know that she works as an escort. If you can see a face, that’s most likely not hers.

Read escort ads and profiles carefully

The more modest the ad sounds, the better. Can you really imagine anyone offering every nasty sex trick on the list?

Independent escorts are a safer option.

And remember, if you don’t like the girl when you meet her in person, you can always send her back.


My name is Lily, and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 

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