Girls, Sofia: How to Find Escort Girls in Sofia, Bulgaria


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The best option to find escort girls in Bulgaria is, of course, to search online. You’ll find several international websites where Bulgarian girls have profiles in English, as well as some sites in Bulgarian. I’d suggest going for the international websites, as the Bulgarian escorts there are more likely to speak English.

You can filter by city as well as other criteria but the most important thing is to look for independent escorts, if you want to get exactly what you ordered. The escort profile usually mentions the word “independent” somewhere, and if not, you can always google the phone number to check if it appears on just this one profile or many.

The majority of girls are based in Sofia, where there’s more business, and naturally, higher-quality girls can be found there. Unfortunately most girls don’t travel, so if you happen to be in a city other than Sofia, you’d have a harder time finding a high-quality escort.

Also keep in mind that most girls do outcalls only which means you’d have to invite her to your hotel room or apartment or specially book one for the appointment.

Speaking of quality, Bulgaria isn’t the best place to meet exceptionally beautiful escort girls, although it is possible. If you happen to talk to a Bulgarian guy, he’ll most likely tell you very proudly that Bulgarian girls are beautiful, but that’s not really true. The majority might not have weight problems as is the case with women in Western European countries but Bulgarians usually fall behind on height and facial features.

That is not to say that there aren’t any stunning-looking girls in Bulgaria, especially in Sofia, just that they are harder to find. However, what most Bulgarian women lack in natural beauty, they make up for in taking good care of themselves, hair, make up, nails, as well as having a softer, very feminine personality.

If you’ve decided to meet a Bulgarian girl, you can also find escorts offline by asking taxi drivers or restaurant waiters but that’s risky as they can only suggest questionable establishments with low-quality girls (and the possibility of being robbed) unless you’re looking for cheaper options.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 

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