High Client Expectations /Part 1/


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I don’t know about other countries, but here in Sofia, Bulgaria it’s bizarre how some clients have very unrealistic expectations about contacting an escort. They don’t seem to realize that they’re not actually paying to be with an attractive woman. They’re paying an escort simply, because nobody would readily have sex with them for free, either at this particular time or in general. Otherwise, we would’ve long gone out of business.

Why is it that we rarely meet young clients? They’d do it once just to see what it’s like to be with an escort, and then they forget about it for a good 10-15 years, because they can easily get women without having to spend tons of money, and many times without spending even a dime.

Why is it that escorts rarely meet very attractive clients, too? Because they’re hot, and women are throwing themselves at them left and right for free. It’s that simple.

Picky clients are a pain. Even women in normal life wouldn’t sleep with them to save a life, but for some reason, when they call an escort, they expect a Gisele Bundchen to show up at their hotel, no less.

Simply bringing to the appointment a nice body and friendly attitude is not enough. The poor escort also has to have a beautiful face, too.  On top of that, she has to act like the smelly, middle-aged, average-looking guy in front of her is simply irresistible. Because these average guys also expect you to be very active and involved during the sex act, too.

It would be much better if such clients stopped looking for the G-spot in their wallets or even where it is actually physically located. Despite all evidence to the contrary, real attraction happens in a woman’s eyes and mind. If a man doesn’t have much to offer in the department, he should be thankful that he can at least afford to pay for company.

The irony is that if he keeps his expectations low, he might end up having one of the greatest times in his life. Clients may not realize it, but we, escorts, gorgeous looking or not so much, already give a lot more than we’d like. Having sex with one who pays, instead of with a guy of our choice is no fun.

They annoy us when asking for a head shot before meeting. We don’t want them to have our picture not because we’re ugly, and fear they’d find out sooner, when there’s a bigger chance of cancelling the appointment, but because we don’t want them to have evidence that we ever met. We’d like to have a normal life one day. We don’t want to have to worry that our secret life as an escort might be revealed someday.

If anything, it’s us who should start asking for head shots, because we’re tired of sleeping with overly demanding guys who clearly don’t look hot, and certainly didn’t look much hotter when they were younger either.

It’s not them who should be worried that they might not like the escort. We’re the ones who get shivers almost every single time we meet a client. We’re the ones who worry all the time how we’re going to get through yet another ugly, stinky fuck.

My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 



Good times and bad times


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I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky as an escort, but most of the time the whole process of finding clients has been quite a smooth one.

I’d post my ad for escort services online, and that’s pretty much it. Clients would start calling, and not just any clients, but exactly the kind I wanted – nice, well-educated, respectful, polite, and not expecting anything crazy in bed.

They’d call at just the right time, they’d give me plenty of room to get ready for the appointment, and they’d take care of it all in just one call or text. We’d meet, have an excellent time together, especially the nice conversation over drinks. Sometimes even the time spent in bed would be a good one.

Then they’d gladly pay me, and assure me with a big smile that they’re going to call me again next time they’re in town. And they do.

There are other times, however, when nothing goes right for weeks on end. Client after client would call at the wrong time when I’m busy, and don’t even hear my phone, as if they all agreed on some evil plot against me.

Then a wave of  misers would hit my inbox, writing weeks and even months in advance, whom, of course, I never get to meet, because they’re just fishing for the lowest price, and that’s exactly why they’re contacting me weeks ahead.

Then another bunch of bargain-hunters would come along, shamelessly lying that they visit Bulgaria quite often (as if that equals guaranteed appointments for me), and so I should give them a discount.

Some would try to shrink the appointment to 30 min., sometimes even 15 min., in the hopes to pay less, as if I’d leave the house for anything less than an hour, in most cases, at least two.

Then, as if all that’s not enough, here would come my favorite crowd, the fetishists, with their incessant demands for tall patent leather boots, or facesitting with changing into several differently textured garments – fishnet stockings, foe leather leggings, yoga pants, etc., or really nice, pedicured feet and lots and lots of footjob, or sexy slave/master play, as if there’s anything sexy in a passive guy, on all fours, waiting for you to come up with exciting orders, and pathetically gazing at you with adoration and gratitude.

The problem isn’t the fetish itself. It’s the never ending demands that put me off. As if I haven’t had enough demands dumped on my head by life itself. Why is it so hard for some people to stick to the escort services I offer, or contact someone who actually advertises what they’re looking for?

And they are very thorough in explaining what they want. As if I can’t wait to get my nice shoes soaked in some random guy’s saliva, who doesn’t even offer to pay extra for them, because the only thing I can do after that is throw them out, and get new ones.

Once, during a particularly slow month, I was so frustrated that I agreed to meet someone in a wheelchair, although I had no idea how that would go. The guy appeared very humble at first, I thought, probably because of his disability, but then turned into this demanding douche bag. And that was the end of my good-hearted intention to meet him despite everything.

Having all my dreams and hard work crashed in front of my eyes has made me no longer willing to give my best to anything I do, as my experience has shown me that that doesn’t guarantee success in life. Quite the opposite, apparently the less I gave, the more I got in return.

In such times (fortunately, doesn’t happen too often), with all the missed phone calls, misers, and fetish nutcases, I end up making next to nothing. Luckily, most of the time, there’s no shortage of normal clients, so I can make the most money with the least effort.

My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 



Independent Escort, Sofia: My Client-screening Process

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Working as an independent escort in Sofia, I’ve developed such a tough client-screening system that it’s amazing how anyone can pass the test at all. However, I’m very comfortable with the quality of clients who eventually make it through the hoops. It helps me stay sane until I find something better to do for a living.

First of all, I don’t take late-night calls. In my opinion, only someone who’s drunk or high would do that, and I have no desire to meet such clients.

Then, I’d look at the country code, and if it indicates a country that I don’t like, I don’t answer the call or text. By ”country that I don’t like” I mean nationalities who have proven themselves to be disrespectful to escorts and women in general, who essentially treat us as servants or like to bargain. I’m very culture-tolerant, but I’ve learned that stereotypes exist for a reason, for the most part, they’re true.

Then, if I do take the call, I pay attention to every little detail, from whether the client addresses me by name, to his overall attitude, to his openness to questions from me, to his level of English, and probably some other things which I can’t remember at the moment. Having sex with a total stranger is hard enough as it is, so I have to make sure that I’m going to be safe, and maybe even have a nice conversation during the appointment.

Where the client is staying is also important, because I wouldn’t go to cheap hotels in Sofia’s less safe areas. I also don’t go to areas that are too far from where I live.

Last but not least, I make sure he’s looking for escort services that I actually offer, because there’s no way I’d do anything outside my comfort zone (even if I was curious) with a stranger. So, no BDSM practices, no anal, no golden showers, etc. I’m clearly not a puritan but those are best done with people you know and trust, and feel comfortable with.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 




Hotels in Sofia: How an escort sneaks in



Quite a few 4/5-star hotels in Sofia aren’t very escort-friendly. Apparently they don’t understand that they’re actually losing business by making their guests pay, if they wanted to have a visitor. Who would want to risk being seen by coworkers, business partners, a boss or even other hotel guests at the reception with a woman who’s clearly neither their wife nor just a friend?

I wonder if such hotels would charge a guest, if they saw him entering with another male or they’d just assume he’s a business partner, and leave them alone? I’m uncomfortable enough that I have to make money as an escort. I really don’t need the extra drama of having to register with my ID, and hang around totally embarrassed, while the client is paying the additional fee, so I’ve stopped meeting clients who happen to be staying at one of these hotels.

Still, the uncomfortable feeling is here even when I go to the ones that don’t have such strict policies. Over time, I’ve developed a whole routine just so I can sneak in unnoticed. Sofia is a small city. You never know which friend or friend of a friend you’re going to run into, so I have to be extra careful.

The preparation starts at home. I make sure that my make up is as light as possible even when I’m in the mood for wearing something a little heavier. My favorite color is black, and most of my clothes are black, but sometimes I get tired of it. I love to have some brighter colors on me from time to time. However, I deliberately wear all-black to most of my appointments, because this way I’m less noticeable.

When I enter the hotel, I make sure that I avoid eye contact with the staff at the reception, even if my face is directed at them.  It’s true that eyes are the window to the soul. A face is better remembered if you looked into the person’s eyes. So I make sure I don’t allow that to happen. I sometimes pretend to look at my phone but, of course, the best case is when there’s guests checking in or out, and so the staff are busy or the lobby is crowded.

It’s funny how sometimes hotel employees mistake me for a foreigner, because they greet me in English. It must be the way I dress and carry myself that confuses them, and I’m grateful that I can pass for a guest. Also, I don’t regard Bulgarians very highly, although I am one, too, so it’s nice to distance myself from them at least in some ways.

Sometimes I’d ask the client to meet me outside first, especially if it’s late, so we can go in together, and spare me the suspicious looks or uncomfortable questions, because no matter how experienced I am, I can’t always avoid disaster. If nothing else works, I would sometimes pretend I’m going to the bathroom at the lobby, and then sneak in through a back door or staff elevator.

As they say, no pain no gain, unfortunately.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 


Independent Escort, Sofia: What I Don’t Like About Being an Escort /Part 3/

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Working as an independent escort in Bulgaria is not easy. There’s huge competition, because of the widespread poverty in the country. Higher education couldn’t secure me a normal job, in fact, I’ve been rejected more times than I can remember exactly because of it. Crazy.

I thought I’d have it easier once I started working as an escort, but it turns out I have to go out of my way again to promote something that I’m not even proud of offering. As if the downside of being an escort aren’t enough, you have to put so much effort into advertising it.

Sometimes we have to deal with very difficult clients who waste our time with countless texts, digging for more and more information, only to go on to the next escort later. Well, I’ve come to realize that they’re usually the ones who have the least right to be overly demanding.

Escorts are humans, too, and we’re especially vulnerable. Believe it or not, the less you ask of us the more you’re going to get in return. We need to feel respected, we need to be treated well, we need to be regarded as individuals, not as a piece of meat or a servant.

It’s enough that life’s circumstances force us to do something we would otherwise never do. If it wasn’t for the money, we’d never end up in the same bed with most of our clients. And it wouldn’t be at all for moral reasons, but because attraction is based on things far more complex that have absolutely nothing to do with money or even how sexual we are.

Many customers believe we must enjoy sex more than normal women, because of the way the sex industry, movies and literature portray us. While it might be true for some escorts, most of us would rather be enjoying it with someone we’re genuinely attracted to, if we had a choice.

My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 




Girls, Sofia: How to Find Escort Girls in Sofia, Bulgaria


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The best option to find escort girls in Bulgaria is, of course, to search online. You’ll find several international websites where Bulgarian girls have profiles in English, as well as some sites in Bulgarian. I’d suggest going for the international websites, as the Bulgarian escorts there are more likely to speak English.

You can filter by city as well as other criteria but the most important thing is to look for independent escorts, if you want to get exactly what you ordered. The escort profile usually mentions the word “independent” somewhere, and if not, you can always google the phone number to check if it appears on just this one profile or many.

The majority of girls are based in Sofia, where there’s more business, and naturally, higher-quality girls can be found there. Unfortunately most girls don’t travel, so if you happen to be in a city other than Sofia, you’d have a harder time finding a high-quality escort.

Also keep in mind that most girls do outcalls only which means you’d have to invite her to your hotel room or apartment or specially book one for the appointment.

Speaking of quality, Bulgaria isn’t the best place to meet exceptionally beautiful escort girls, although it is possible. If you happen to talk to a Bulgarian guy, he’ll most likely tell you very proudly that Bulgarian girls are beautiful, but that’s not really true. The majority might not have weight problems as is the case with women in Western European countries but Bulgarians usually fall behind on height and facial features.

That is not to say that there aren’t any stunning-looking girls in Bulgaria, especially in Sofia, just that they are harder to find. However, what most Bulgarian women lack in natural beauty, they make up for in taking good care of themselves, hair, make up, nails, as well as having a softer, very feminine personality.

If you’ve decided to meet a Bulgarian girl, you can also find escorts offline by asking taxi drivers or restaurant waiters but that’s risky as they can only suggest questionable establishments with low-quality girls (and the possibility of being robbed) unless you’re looking for cheaper options.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site. 

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Escort, Sofia: What I Don’t Like About Being an Escort /Part 2/

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It’s not OK for customers to not show up for their appointment with an escort. I don’t care if your coworker just won’t leave your hotel room or your business partners take forever to finish that dinner or drinks. Keep in mind that meeting an escort might feel like pleasure for you, but in reality, it’s business, since money is involved.

I don’t like it when a client doesn’t ask what’s allowed and what’s not, and just goes for it. Save your porn-like moves for your girlfriend or wife, they might appreciate it more. Your finger in my a*s doesn’t turn me on, it scares the daylights out of me, as it should you, because of the huge health risk involved.

I don’t like it when a customer informs reception that he’s expecting a visitor. I’ve had to come up with a whole routine in order to sneak into a hotel unnoticed, because I’m not proud of what I do for a living, and you’re spoiling the entire thing.

I don’t like it when a client doesn’t like condoms. There’s no chance in the world I would agree not to use one. Also, there’s very little an escort could do to make that scared creature come out of it’s hole once it’s in, so learn to love them. It’s the 21st century.

I don’t like customers who ask if this was my real name. What does it matter? Are you planning on marrying me? Are you suggesting I’m a dishonest person just because the name might be a made up one?

I’ve said it many times over, and I’ll say it again, most of us escorts are not proud of how we make money. We want to be able to have a normal life once we’re done with this, and we’ll do whatever it takes to mask our identity. Not to mention that many clients do the same thing, they also use fake names.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site.