Hotels in Sofia: How an escort sneaks in



Quite a few 4/5-star hotels in Sofia aren’t very escort-friendly. Apparently they don’t understand that they’re actually losing business by making their guests pay, if they wanted to have a visitor. Who would want to risk being seen by coworkers, business partners, a boss or even other hotel guests at the reception with a woman who’s clearly neither their wife nor just a friend?

I wonder if such hotels would charge a guest, if they saw him entering with another male or they’d just assume he’s a business partner, and leave them alone? I’m uncomfortable enough that I have to make money as an escort. I really don’t need the extra drama of having to register with my ID, and hang around totally embarrassed, while the client is paying the additional fee, so I’ve stopped meeting clients who happen to be staying at one of these hotels.

Still, the uncomfortable feeling is here even when I go to the ones that don’t have such strict policies. Over time, I’ve developed a whole routine just so I can sneak in unnoticed. Sofia is a small city. You never know which friend or friend of a friend you’re going to run into, so I have to be extra careful.

The preparation starts at home. I make sure that my make up is as light as possible even when I’m in the mood for wearing something a little heavier. My favorite color is black, and most of my clothes are black, but sometimes I get tired of it. I love to have some brighter colors on me from time to time. However, I deliberately wear all-black to most of my appointments, because this way I’m less noticeable.

When I enter the hotel, I make sure that I avoid eye contact with the staff at the reception, even if my face is directed at them.  It’s true that eyes are the window to the soul. A face is better remembered if you looked into the person’s eyes. So I make sure I don’t allow that to happen. I sometimes pretend to look at my phone but, of course, the best case is when there’s guests checking in or out, and so the staff are busy or the lobby is crowded.

It’s funny how sometimes hotel employees mistake me for a foreigner, because they greet me in English. It must be the way I dress and carry myself that confuses them, and I’m grateful that I can pass for a guest. Also, I don’t regard Bulgarians very highly, although I am one, too, so it’s nice to distance myself from them at least in some ways.

Sometimes I’d ask the client to meet me outside first, especially if it’s late, so we can go in together, and spare me the suspicious looks or uncomfortable questions, because no matter how experienced I am, I can’t always avoid disaster. If nothing else works, I would sometimes pretend I’m going to the bathroom at the lobby, and then sneak in through a back door or staff elevator.

As they say, no pain no gain, unfortunately.


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