Escort, Sofia: What I Don’t Like About Being an Escort /Part 2/

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It’s not OK for customers to not show up for their appointment with an escort. I don’t care if your coworker just won’t leave your hotel room or your business partners take forever to finish that dinner or drinks. Keep in mind that meeting an escort might feel like pleasure for you, but in reality, it’s business, since money is involved.

I don’t like it when a client doesn’t ask what’s allowed and what’s not, and just goes for it. Save your porn-like moves for your girlfriend or wife, they might appreciate it more. Your finger in my a*s doesn’t turn me on, it scares the daylights out of me, as it should you, because of the huge health risk involved.

I don’t like it when a customer informs reception that he’s expecting a visitor. I’ve had to come up with a whole routine in order to sneak into a hotel unnoticed, because I’m not proud of what I do for a living, and you’re spoiling the entire thing.

I don’t like it when a client doesn’t like condoms. There’s no chance in the world I would agree not to use one. Also, there’s very little an escort could do to make that scared creature come out of it’s hole once it’s in, so learn to love them. It’s the 21st century.

I don’t like customers who ask if this was my real name. What does it matter? Are you planning on marrying me? Are you suggesting I’m a dishonest person just because the name might be a made up one?

I’ve said it many times over, and I’ll say it again, most of us escorts are not proud of how we make money. We want to be able to have a normal life once we’re done with this, and we’ll do whatever it takes to mask our identity. Not to mention that many clients do the same thing, they also use fake names.


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