Escort, Sofia: What I Don’t Like About Being an Escort /Part 1/

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I’m an independent escort in Sofia, which means that I work for myself, not an agency. I don’t sit in an office somewhere all night, all dressed up, and ready to rush to the next appointment.

I don’t like it when customers call late at night. I go about my business during the day, and then, if I didn’t get any calls before 10:30 pm, I go to bed. There’s nothing in the world that is going to make me come out of bed once I’m in, so make sure you call before that.

I don’t know why some men would think that meeting an escort is something that is meant to happen late at night (the media and movies are to blame, I guess), when no person is in the best of shapes. Not the escort, and certainly not the client, usually drunk from a long night on the town. Unless they don’t mind paying for a lousy quickie, that they’re not even going to remember the next day.

Late-night sex is had with wives or girlfriends, not escorts. You can just reach over, and be at it the next moment. Talking on the phone to arrange the whole thing, getting out of bed, taking a shower, putting make up on, getting dressed, calling a cab, and getting to your hotel takes me at least an hour. If you called at 2 am, even if I was willing to meet, by the time I got there, you’re going to fall asleep or not be in the mood anymore.

I don’t like arrogant clients who think they are such a great catch that no escort is good enough for them. I don’t know about other escorts, but I’m a very attractive woman. I’ve been doing this for 4 years, and I’m yet to meet a customer who is better looking that me. The reality is, the majority of customers are middle-aged and average-looking, even if they believe otherwise, so no reason to be overly paranoid.

I also don’t like clients who treat escorts like servants. This may sound shocking, but you’re the one who needs to convince me more than I need to convince you. I’m not thrilled by the thought of sleeping with yet another stranger, whom I probably would have never found attractive, if it wasn’t for the money. If you’re nice, I’ll be nicer.


My name is Lily and I’m an independent escort in Sofia, Bulgaria. For more information about me and my services, prices and how to get in touch, please visit the other pages on my site.